Case Studies

Case Study #1:

Enable Midstream (Oil & Gas Industry)

The Situation:

Enable Midstream had a long-time cleaner that was no longer performing his duties according to the required specifications. He was skipping many routine tasks and was basically just emptying trash and mopping the floors (not even vacuuming or sweeping before mopping). They did not offer any floor maintenance services such as stripping and waxing, or burnishing. Needless to say, the building was in poor shape and the floors were black.

It was time for the company to find a new cleaning service. One of the employees knew Mitchell so they reached out to him for a proposal.

How DNC Facility Services Solved the Problem:

Enable Midstream hired DNC Facility Services. The crew spent an entire weekend just getting the building back in shape by doing a detailed cleaning and a complete stripping and waxing of all the floors. They now do a weekly burnishing service so the floors always look great.

DNC was also able to offer better pricing for their consumables, saving them money on that expense. Previous to that, employees of the company had to travel to a big box store to buy their supplies, which was another savings on employee productivity and travel time.

The Result:

After servicing the building for about two months, the company approached DNC again about getting pricing for their other locations. Happy with the proposals and the service, DNC now services 6 of Enable Midstream’s locations.

Case Study #2:

Closure Systems International (Manufacturing Facility)

The Situation:

Closure Systems International has strict requirements that not all cleaning companies are able to fulfill. For example, they have specific insurance requirements and the cleaning company needs to have ISN Networld Certification. Their current cleaning company refused their new insurance requirements so they went searching for a new cleaning service.

How DNC Facility Services Solved the Problem:

Becoming ISN Networld Certified is an extensive process that costs DNC Facility Services about $7,000 per year. Since the company is already Certified, Closure Systems asked for a proposal. DNC was able to offer a comparable proposal to what they had with the previous company and began servicing the account about a month later.

DNC was able to transition a 10-year employee into a Supervisory position to lead the team at this location. With excellent supervision, the team has provided consistent service the client is happy with.

The Result:

After 2 years, the same employees that started at this facility are still cleaning at this location. And after the first year, DNC was asked to expand from cleaning the office space, to also cleaning inside the manufacturing plant.

Case Study #3:

Center ISD (School District)

The Situation:

Center ISD was looking to transition from in-house cleaning to outsourcing to a contract cleaning company for two reasons:

  1. To help reduce their annual budget
  2. To find a Custodial Service Management company for a few employees that were nearing retirement.

They were concerned that their long-time employees would lose their retirement benefits so it was important that the company they hired, could also manage these employees until their retirement date. This was particularly challenging for DNC because these employees did not have anyone to manage them properly and it was apparent that they just went through the motions each day with minimal effort.

How DNC Facility Services Solved the Problem:

DNC was up to the 2-fold challenge, providing a proposal to manage the existing employees and add several additional employees, all while reducing their annual budget.

DNC managed 11 custodians that were employees of the school district, and added an additional 14 of their own employees to fill the rest of the positions.

DNC was also able to reduce the budget by reducing costs on consumables.

The Result:

Now that DNC has been taking care of this school district since 2012, all the previous employees have transitioned out to retirement. The Day and Night Supervisors have been able to increase productivity and create a work environment that continues to have positive results through proper scheduling and reinforced training.

Case Study #4:

Panola College (Education)

The Situation:

DNC started providing cleaning services to Panola College in 2002. But in 2008, the college wanted to reduce costs and chose a lower priced vendor upon contract renewal. The decision had nothing to do with the service DNC was providing, it was all about the price.

Less than a year into their new contract, they were having many issues with continually changing cleaning staff and areas getting skipped daily. So they decided to make a switch and went with the second-lowest bidder, which was not DNC Facility Services. About 6 months into this contract, the management of their account was so poor, they finally called DNC and asked them to come back.

How DNC Facility Services Solved the Problem:

DNC was excited to be back on campus at Panola College. After getting the facilities back up to proper cleanliness levels, they were able to pick right back up where they left off like they never missed a day.

The Result:

Panola College finally realized that the lowest price does not mean the best value. DNC is still servicing the College today. They now have 4 campuses that DNC services and the company has been able to add employees and equipment as the college has expanded their system.

They are also happy with DNC’s quick response time and low cleaning staff turnover on their campuses.