5 Janitorial Cleaning Services You Should Never Go Without Again

Janitorial cleaning services

COVID-19 has made janitorial cleaning services more critical than ever before. With so much still unknown about the virus and how it’s transmitted, now is the time to boost your janitorial services. Keeping your school or commercial buildings clean is critical to keep the people who use your building safe and healthy.

What we know for sure is that SARS-Co-2, or the novel coronavirus we see during this current pandemic, spreads primarily through droplets and person-to-person contact. A concern from the scientific community is that the virus can remain on surfaces for an unknown amount of time.

How can we prevent the spread of the disease from a surface to a human? And going forward, how can we make sure our community buildings are safe no matter the circumstances.

DNC Facility Services has the answer, including five janitorial cleaning services you shouldn’t go without, now and in the future:

1: Commercial Cleaning

You want and need your building to be clean—from the bathrooms and hallways to the offices, classrooms, and open areas. Where basic cleaning practices used to be acceptable, this is no longer the case. Today, cleaning requires specific standards and techniques to make sure your building is safe and healthy. It’s crucial to protect it from dangerous pathogens like the coronavirus, which can lead to illness and disease. This is especially true with highly contagious viruses that seem to be so common these days.

At DNC Facility Services, our professional commercial cleaning process starts with hard, non-porous surfaces. Those include desks, counters, flooring, tile, bathroom fixtures, and more. Cleaning removes the dirt that holds bacteria and viruses to surfaces. Removing the dirt first is essential now, during the pandemic, and moving forward as we continue to fight against this illness. After cleaning, our team sanitizes and disinfects the building to kill any remaining pathogens. We use products approved by the EPA that are specifically designed to kill viruses such as COVID-19. These products can also keep MRSA, flu viruses, Norovirus, e Coli, and salmonella out of your building.

2: Flexibility Due to Changing Circumstances

Like our commercial cleaning process, our office cleaning includes desks, counters, flooring, tile, and bathrooms. We also clean carpets and windows, and we offer after-hours cleaning. DNC’s cleaning professionals ensure your space is clean from floor to ceiling and can customize your janitorial cleaning plan to meet the unique needs of your office.

As a result of the COVID crisis, your office might be essential, or perhaps you are running on a skeleton crew. Or maybe you had to close your doors and send everyone home. Most schools in the U.S. are on complete lockdown with no one allowed in or out. No matter how many people are using your buildings right now, this is a great time to have your school or building cleaned and disinfected before they lift the shelter in place orders.

With teachers, staff, and students set to return in the fall, you want to ensure a sanitized school building from floor to ceiling. Of course, standard janitorial cleaning is necessary no matter what. But when things change unexpectedly, you need a team that can adjust and remains effective and efficient. The DNC Facility Services team is up to the task of meeting your ever-changing janitorial cleaning services needs—no matter the circumstances.

3: Comprehensive Floor Cleaning

The floors of your facility are one of the first things your staff, customers, students, or clients see when they walk in the door. You want them to be clean and look great. Dull, dirty flooring, and carpeting can turn people’s attention away from what you have to offer and create a negative first impression. Comprehensive floor cleaning is more important now than ever. The floor cleaning services provided by DNC Facility Services will help with the appearance of your building but will also make it clean and help prevent the spread of illness.

Dirt, grease, and moisture come in on shoes and spread across the whole of your building. You also have to worry about virus and bacteria that make their way into your building on shoes, too. That’s where our comprehensive floor care comes into play. In addition to sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, we can take care of your carpet cleaning to keep it virus and bacteria-free.

What’s more, our expert clean team provides steam cleaning and disinfecting services for a variety of hard floor types, including:

  • Tile cleaning
  • Floor stripping
  • Buffing
  • Refinishing

Our expert floor cleaning services ensure your school or office building is clean, disease-free, and ready for the return of your employees and students. We know how important it is to have the cleanest floors possible once the world goes back to “normal,” which is why we dedicate ourselves to your 100% satisfaction with each floor cleaning service.

4: Cleanup Inside and Outside

DNC Facility Services can handle cleaning the inside of your building while ensuring it’s safe from any dangerous pathogens. We can also manage your construction cleanup. Whether you’re adding on to or remodeling your school building or constructing a new commercial facility, we can handle the construction cleanup, so you don’t have to. With proper social distancing and careful handling of everything—from rough cleaning to the final cleanup—we’ve got you covered.

5: Infection Control

Keeping your school, commercial, or office facility clean is a top priority. Part of that is keeping it safe and healthy, which we can guarantee with our infection control process. In addition to protecting your building and the people in it from the novel coronavirus, our cleaning process goes a step further. We help safeguard you and the people who use your building from pneumonia, influenza, cold viruses, and other circulating microbes to help with disease reduction and transmission prevention.

Our infection control cleaning protocol includes:

  • Cleaning: Basic cleaning is the first step in the sanitizing process. Without proper cleaning, disinfecting efforts would be significantly less effective. The dirt that the bacteria and viruses cling to requires removal before anything else.
  • Surface: Floors and windows are important, but surfaces take priority when it comes to infection prevention. This is especially true in shared spaces such as schools, where multiple students touch the same surfaces over and over. Regular cleaning throughout the day is necessary for germ removal, but thorough professional cleaning is the best way to ensure the reduction and prevention of illness.
  • Products: Using the right products is critical to disinfecting. DNC Facility Services uses only EPA approved products for the pathogens most likely to be present in your school or commercial building. But it’s more than just the right products – it’s using them correctly. Our knowledgeable team ensures proper application, appropriate wet surface time, and the amount of product necessary to kill the microorganisms.

Finding the Right Cleaning Company

It can be hard to find the right janitorial company to take care of all of the needs of your commercial buildings. You want someone who can clean any property, whether it is a school, office, commercial, church, bank, or any building where people gather. They must be able to meet your needs and handle all of the services you require, without having to hire more than one janitorial business to do the job.

Furthermore, it’s crucial that the janitorial company you choose follows protocol for using PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. Also, they should observe appropriate personal hygiene, including wearing gloves and following proper handwashing techniques.

In this day and age, it’s vital that the company you hire can handle the specialized cleaning and disinfecting necessary to mitigate the spread of disease and viruses, especially COVID-19. In fact, it’s so essential that the CDC has issued guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfecting of community buildings.

DNC Facility Services has the training, products, equipment, and experience to make sure your school or other commercial building gets cleaned properly. That’s the best way to keep your students, employees, customers, and clients safe and healthy. You can also count on our team for day porter services to keep your schools and companies clean throughout the day. When we do, your staff can spend their time supporting students, clients, and your business. Plus, we can provide janitorial supply delivery service to your location. Just take shopping for cleaning products off your to-do list.

Hiring the right janitorial company to manage your commercial cleaning is essential to a clean, safe, and healthy building. Our dedicated team is ready to become a part of your extended support staff. Contact DNC Facility Services and let us customize our janitorial cleaning services to fit your needs.