6 Ways Your Commercial Cleaning Service Impacts Your Business

commercial cleaning service

The right commercial cleaning service does more than just make a facility look and smell nice. A skilled janitorial crew can actually help your business thrive. A tidy, disinfected building is more than meets the eye—it’s a matter of public health and safety. Think about all the dirt and germs hiding throughout your office space. Hiring commercial cleaning services is one of the best investments you can make for your company.

Germs are a funny thing. Because they’re microscopic, people often forget they exist until it’s too late. In a communal space, such as an office, retail, or commercial building, there are plenty of high-touch surfaces. Even opening a doorknob may be all it takes for bacteria or germs to transmit from one person to the next. Regular cleaning and disinfecting is the only way to ensure your facility is germ-free. However, only a properly trained janitorial team knows how to do it right.

Here’s why you should schedule routine commercial office cleaning for your workplace:

1. First Impressions Are Everything

What do people see or smell whenever they walk into your business for the first time? Overflowing trashcans, smudged glass, and stained carpets are a turnoff to potential customers. Even a musty or foul odor can make someone turn around and walk out the door. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and having a clean workplace is the easiest way to put your best foot forward. But as a business owner, do you have the time and energy to devote to thoroughly cleaning your facility each day?

A cleaning service will keep the interior of your business in top-notch condition. You can count on janitors to empty trash bins, wipe down high-touch surfaces, and clean the floors. They will also disinfect communal areas to keep germs at bay. You’ll never have to worry about potential customers walking into a smelly restroom or your employees eating in a dirty break room ever again. And best of all, you can book regular cleanings to work around your busy schedule.

2. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Offices and commercial facilities don’t tend to get a lot of fresh air. The air inside most buildings recycles throughout the day. Any dangerous germs, toxins, or allergens in the air don’t just disappear either. Instead, workers continue to breathe in contaminated air without being the wiser.

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Bad air quality can exacerbate these conditions, especially when employees inhale the same unhealthy air, day in and day out. As a result, workers may become fatigued or sick.

Regular deep cleaning is perhaps the easiest way to improve the indoor air quality at your facility. A janitor knows the proper way to remove any dust, pollen, or germs lurking in the air. Vacuums with HEPA filters and hospital-grade disinfecting chemicals will ensure every breath you take is a safe one.

3. Stops Illnesses in Their Tracks

Viruses spread like wildfire. A single person can infect all their coworkers in a matter of days, and many don’t even show symptoms while they’re contagious. Unfortunately, sick employees can hurt your company’s bottom line. When someone is ill, their output slows down, and they’re more likely to make errors on the job.

An employee staying home when they’re sick isn’t always enough to stop a virus from infecting others. It’s imperative to disinfect every inch of the office to kill any remaining germs, paying close attention to shared spaces. The CDC recommends employers take these steps whenever an employee is sick:

  • Close off infected areas to limit exposure.
  • Open all doors and windows to increase air circulation.
  • Try to allow 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Disinfect all contaminated spaces. Be sure to pay close attention to shared surfaces, including bathrooms, desks, electronics, and doorknobs.
  • Vacuum the floor using a HEPA filter.
  • Only reopen the space to others after you have disinfected it fully.

Most business owners don’t have the time, training, or tools required to sanitize a contaminated workspace. That’s why relying on a professional cleaning service is the best option.

4. Reduces Your Overall Budget

It may surprise you to learn that your business will actually save money by hiring a commercial janitorial company. While it’s true you will pay upfront for these valuable services, maintaining a clean workplace will help lower your spending in other areas.

Consider how much money you set aside to replace damaged furnishings in your office. Even buying something as small as new window blinds will add up quickly. Accumulation of dirt and mildew can drastically reduce the lifespan of many things around your workplace. If you want your carpet, desks, and shelving to last for several years, you need to keep them clean.

A professional cleaning crew will make sure your office stays free of dust. That layer of dirt lining the filing cabinet will become a thing of the past. Stained carpets will no longer greet customers at the doorway. Keeping your interior furnishings in like-new condition will help reduce your company spending. You can’t beat an ROI like that!

5. Boosts Employee Productivity

The best workers are those who enjoy coming into the office. These loyal employees work their full shift with a smile on their face, and they always go the extra mile. But if you have a dirty, dingy work environment, it may put a damper on your company culture and reduce employee morale.

Workers tend to be more productive if the office is clean and smells fresh. And there is some science behind this phenomenon. Dirty workplaces tend to foster mold and mildew. Breathing in these spores on a daily basis can lead to health problems. Mold exposure can also cause brain fog and fatigue.

Keeping your facility clean at all times will prevent a buildup of dangerous spores. Only a trained janitorial company has the equipment and chemicals needed to kill mildew and disinfect all surfaces. Investing in professional cleaning services will ensure your workers perform at their peak every day.

6. Leaves Time for Other Tasks

Think about how long it would take you to clean and disinfect your commercial facility from top to bottom. You would have to gather the right tools, plenty of manpower, and find a few extra hours in the day to get it done. And without the proper training, you may never be able to clean the office to your standards.

Lack of time is the number one reason many companies put cleaning on the back burner. Trying to close a sale while mopping the floor at the same time isn’t feasible. And if you really want a safe, disinfected workplace, you’ll probably find yourself working overtime.

Letting someone else handle all the cleaning needs of your facility is the best solution. By turning this task over to a professional, you’ll have more free time to scale your business. Emptying trashcans will no longer be on your mind. Instead, you’ll be able to provide better service to your customers and create a safer work environment for your employees.

Make Commercial Cleaning Part of Your Business Strategy

Every business, no matter the industry, can benefit greatly from a deep cleaning. Not only will you feel better working in a disinfected environment, but it will also help take your business to the next level. After you decide to hire a professional cleaning company, your only regret will be not doing it sooner.

At DNC Facility Services, we take commercial cleaning seriously. We have over 35 years of experience in the janitorial industry. It’s our mission to take the guesswork out of cleaning so that you can worry about more pressing issues. Our employees undergo a comprehensive background check and complete on-going training. We always strive to provide you with the highest level of clean—guaranteed!

Our team at DNC Facility Services has everything necessary to disinfect and clean your entire workplace. We use state-of-the-art equipment, powerful chemicals, and lots of elbow grease to clean every inch of your building. Contact us to book a commercial cleaning service with the most dedicated janitorial team around.