How the Reliability of Your Commercial Office Cleaning Company Keeps You From Going Nuts!

Commercial Cleaning

Do you wonder how to choose the most reliable commercial office cleaning company for your facility? While it may sound like a simple decision, the wrong janitorial service can wreak havoc in your workplace. Before you settle on just any commercial cleaning crew, you want to make sure they’ll deliver top-notch, dependable work at all times.

A reliable janitorial service is truly a match made in heaven. You’ll always be able to count on clean workspaces, disinfected surfaces, and pristine restrooms. And you’ll rest easy knowing your facility is safe and healthy for your employees and customers. Even though most cleaning companies promise to provide outstanding care, only a few deliver. Here are the traits to be on the lookout for:

A Fleet of Friendly Faces You Recognize

When the janitors show up, do you know who to expect? Or does the cleaning company send out a random assortment of workers each week?

While you may not think twice about seeing new faces, it does pose several risks to your business, including:

  • It’s hard to tell who should be inside your office and who is a security threat.
  • New workers don’t have the same level of training as a more experienced crew.
  • Theft and privacy breaches are more prevalent with an unfamiliar janitorial team.
  • You may notice poor quality work.

Sure, it’s normal for some janitors to come and go throughout the years, but if a service has a revolving door of employees, it indicates a more serious issue. And as a business owner, you shouldn’t pay the price. A company with a high turnover rate isn’t reliable—plain and simple.

Superior Time Management Skills—Always

There’s nothing worse than scheduling service and having the workers show up late or not at all. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common scenario in the janitorial world. But this unreliability ends up wasting your time and money. Even though this is a typical complaint, some companies know how to manage their time wisely.

What is the reason for so many delayed or canceled service calls? In most instances, you can place the blame on the cleaning service. Sure, inclement weather or an unexpected emergency may arise, but those are rare exceptions. The truth is that some companies overbook their workers, making it impossible to stay on schedule. Others have poor record-keeping skills and simply forget to add your appointment to the calendar. Neither of these is an acceptable excuse.

As a business owner, you expect your employees to show up on time. You should demand the same respect from any commercial cleaning service you hire. A responsible company will verify your appointment when you schedule, and they may even call in advance to confirm. The cleaners will arrive on time and bring all the tools necessary to provide you with outstanding service.

Long-Term Contracts? Not Even a Thought

Did a cleaning company ask you to sign a long-term contract? If so, you should run away as fast as possible. While contracts are important in some industries, an honest commercial janitorial service won’t require one.

Many cleaners think they can trap clients with hard-to-break, unusually-long work contracts. They may even try to wrangle you in for two years! Why is a contract a red flag? Once you sign that piece of paper, you’re legally obligated to continue paying for their services–even if they start slacking on the job or showing up late. You won’t have any real recourse to get out of your contract unless you hire a lawyer. And who wants to deal with that type of headache?

Reliable janitorial companies don’t need you to sign anything. They trust their strong work ethic and attention to detail will be enough to keep you as a client. Instead of a contract, the company will provide you with a proposal and estimate for services. If you ever need to change your schedule or cancel, you should be able to do so without any issue.

Training, Training, and More Training

One of the top issues with commercial cleaning companies is lack of training. When you hire a team of janitors to clean your workplace, you deserve nothing but the best. You don’t want to find dirty floors, smudged windows, or dusty shelves. Instead, you expect a disinfected facility that’s free from harmful pathogens.

However, it takes proper training to know how to clean an office from top to bottom. The most dependable cleaners undergo thorough training before heading out into the field. Moreover, they continue to receive on-the-job training during their tenure.

Here is a condensed list of what janitors learn during training:

  • The differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.
  • The right way to eliminate harmful germs from high-touch surfaces.
  • How to handle and store cleaning chemicals.
  • Safety procedures that meet OSHA standards.
  • Alternative janitorial services, including green cleaning.

Properly trained cleaners perform better than those who only receive the bare minimum. Better training protocols also reduce the number of work-related injuries and incidents. Plus, you’ll feel better knowing you have the most skilled team in town keeping your facility germ-free.

Customer Service at the Forefront

Do you get your invoices on time? How easily can you reach someone if a problem arises? When you choose a cleaning company, you want to know you’ll get outstanding care around the clock. After all, there’s nothing worse than poor customer service.

The most respected cleaning companies make it easy to get in touch with the management. Communication is always transparent, and you should never have a problem getting the help you need. Whether you have a question about a bill or just need to reschedule your service, there’s always someone on the other end ready to assist.

Not a Single Speck of Dust in Sight

Does your office still smell musty after the cleaners leave? Are you tired of finding trash on the restroom floors? You want your workplace to look, feel, and smell clean at all times. But if you hire a shoddy cleaning service, you may end up taking out the trash yourself. Your employees may start to complain about the unsanitary break room. Unsightly stains on the carpet can even be a turn off for your customers. When you pay someone to clean your office, subpar work isn’t acceptable.

It’s clear some companies are in a rush to get things done. The janitors may purposely “forget” a few services in an attempt to finish faster. Since most cleaners come in after business hours, they assume you won’t notice. In the end, however, you still pay for the services they don’t do right. And you may waste some of your own time picking up after a lousy cleaning job.

The most trustworthy janitors deliver unbeatable service at all times. Instead of rushing through your commercial office cleaning, they will take their time to clean every inch thoroughly. You can trust they won’t skip any steps. After the cleaners leave, you should see a visible difference in how your workplace looks.

Reliability Is Our Middle Name 

Hiring janitors to clean your facility isn’t something you should take lightly. You deserve a company that will respect your property and delivers an unbeatable level of clean. We promise to do both here at DNC Facility Services.

As one of the leading cleaning companies in the area, we dedicate ourselves to providing every client with reliable service. Ever since we opened in 1982, building long-lasting relationships with our clients and employees has been our goal. As a result, we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Our clients also trust us to perform high-quality work at all times.

We offer superior janitorial services to businesses in a wide range of industries. Whether you manage an office, school, bank, or another type of commercial facility, we have the skills and tools required to keep your business clean. Germs don’t stand a chance when we’re on the job!

Get in touch to learn what makes DNC Facility Services the most reliable commercial office cleaning company in the business.