What Exactly Is a Day Porter Service and When Do I Need It?

Day Porter Service

What exactly is a Day Porter Service and when do I need it?

Do you know all the reasons you should hire a day porter service for your facility? Offices, retail properties, and other commercial buildings experience a lot of daily foot traffic. While this is good for business, it does leave behind plenty of wear and tear. Smudged windows, overflowing trash bins, and cobwebs are not ideal for greeting guests or employees. Consistent cleaning and maintenance will ensure your property stays tidy and healthy around the clock.

Most business owners hire a janitor to clean their building after they close for the day. But who will ensure the property stays presentable during business hours? Day porters handle this essential task. A professional porter cleaning service will ensure your facility looks fantastic at all times.

Let’s examine the various reasons you need to hire a professional porter service:

When you unlock the doors at the start of your day, your building looks clean, tidy, and organized. After all, the janitor cleaned it from top to bottom the previous evening. But during the day, visitors and workers leave small messes behind. Luckily, once you hire a day porter, you can count on them to keep the common areas clean. They’ll handle the tasks you don’t have time to tackle during the day.

The Helpful Duties of a Janitorial Porter Service

Think about how busy you are at work during the day. Between handling customers, juggling tasks, and putting out fires, you don’t have time to pick up messes or take out the trash. Hiring a day porter is one of the wisest decisions your company will ever make.

Here’s how a janitorial day porter will keep your property tidy and save your sanity:

  • Trash removal: Say goodbye to unsightly trash for good! A day porter will empty trash bins and replace the liners before they overflow. If there is loose litter or debris on the floor, you can count on your porter to remove it before it becomes an eyesore.
  • Entry cleaning: Sparkling, crystal clear glass is the best way to greet your guests. After all, the entryway is the first thing visitors notice. Smudged glass and sticky fingerprints on doorknobs detract from your facility’s ambiance. A porter cleaning company will clean the windows and doors regularly to keep the entry looking its best.
  • Restroom cleaning: Maintaining the restrooms is crucial. But like most business owners, you don’t have the time or energy to check on them throughout the day. Who will refill the soap dispensers, empty the trash, or restock the toilet paper? You can count on a day porter to ensure your restrooms are always clean, sanitized, and well-stocked.
  • Spill cleanup: Messes happen. However, you can’t always stop what you’re doing to mop up an unexpected spill. Janitorial porter companies offer on-site spill cleanup to keep your floors looking great and reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury.
  • Cafeteria cleanup: The cafeteria, coffee center, and break room are some of the most frequented spaces in any facility. They’re also the most likely to get dirty. A reliable janitorial porter company will keep these areas clean and disinfected.
  • Infection control: Viruses and bacteria congregate on high-touch services. And the common areas of your facility are prime breeding grounds for germs. Want to keep your employees and visitors healthy? Daily commercial cleaning will help kill dangerous pathogens and reduce outbreaks.

Imagine how great your building will look with a janitorial porter on the job. You won’t have to worry about ugly messes or dirty surfaces interfering with the day-to-day operations ever again.

What’s the Difference Between a Day Porter and a Janitor?

After reading the services offered by a day porter company, you may wonder if just hiring a janitor will suffice. Aren’t the duties the same? While there is some overlap between a day porter and a janitor, they provide very different services.

Day porters clean the common areas and shared spaces. They may also maintain the exterior and interior entryways of a building. Most porter services work during business hours, alongside employees and customers. A porter goes where you need them at the moment. Is the restroom out of paper towels? They’ll refill the dispenser right away. Are the elevator buttons smudged? They’ll wipe and disinfect the surface in a jiffy.

On the contrary, janitors clean and maintain the entire facility. They come in (usually after-hours) to scrub every inch of a building from top to bottom. Janitors deep clean floors, disinfect surfaces, dust hard-to-reach places, and tidy private areas.

Most businesses benefit from hiring both a commercial day porter and a janitorial service. If your building gets a lot of visitors, porter services will ensure the reception and common areas are always clean, and a janitor will deep clean the entire property after closing for the day.

How to Hire a Reputable Day Porter Service

While many companies offer day porter services, they are not all the same. The right provider will provide an unbeatable service, and you’ll never want to be without them. How can you pick the best one?

These are the top five traits of a trustworthy and reliable day porter company:

#1: Low employee turnover

The turnover rate in the janitorial sector is 200%, according to an IBISWorld research report. That’s too high! Do you want to see a different cleaning crew wandering through your facility every few days? It would probably make you uncomfortable, and would they even do a good job?

The best porter cleaning services retain their workers for the long haul. Look for a company that boasts low turnover rates and happy employees. They should invest enough time to train each worker thoroughly. Your facility will look amazing, and you’ll feel at ease recognizing familiar faces each day.

#2: Professional appearance

You expect your employees to look professional, and you should expect the same from your porter cleaning service.

Reliable day porter services always put their best foot forward. All cleaning technicians should arrive in a tidy uniform with everything necessary to keep your facility clean.

#3: State-of-the-art equipment

How long should it take to clean up a spill? Skilled technicians with the right tools can do it quickly and efficiently. Updated commercial cleaning equipment will save you both time and money.

When hiring a porter service, look for one that uses the latest tools and technology. Well-trained employees plus top-of-the-line equipment equal consistent cleaning you can trust.

#4: Customized plans

No two businesses are alike—and that includes their cleaning needs. Too many day porter and janitorial providers try to sell “one-size-fits-all” contracts. But what if it’s not the right fit for your facility?

No one should pay for cleaning services they don’t actually want. Instead, look for a day porter that offers customized plans to adapt to your company’s needs and budget.

#5: Guaranteed services

What if you’re unhappy with the services provided? Reputable day porters stand behind their work. If you’re unhappy for any reason, they should re-clean your facility for free.

When hiring a commercial day porter, inquire about any guarantees they offer. If they hesitate to answer, look elsewhere. Your complete satisfaction should be a top priority.

The best day porter will exhibit these traits and bring even more to the table. They will also provide you with an unsurpassed level of service without interrupting your daily operations. While it may take time to sort through your options, the right match is worth the effort.

A Skilled Commercial Porter Service for Your Facility

Maintaining a facility’s appearance takes a lot of time and effort. As a business owner, it’s not something you should handle alone. Hiring a day porter is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make for your business.

DNC Facility Services offers day porter services to help keep your building looking its best. Let us handle the dirty work while you tend to more pressing matters. We proudly serve the following areas:

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