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Commercial Stone Floor Cleaning Services

Stone flooring is an investment, providing even more reason why you should schedule a stone floor cleaning service. Maintaining this delicate material takes the skill and expertise of a trained professional. After all, you want to present your company in a professional light, and dirty floors will only dampen your message.

DNC Facility Services has been in the janitorial industry for well over 35 years. Our specialized services and attention to detail will help your business put its best foot forward.

Cleaning Services for All Types of Stone

Caring for stone floors requires a lot of training and expertise. This natural material can be finicky, and each kind of stone has different maintenance requirements. Our team at DNC Facility Services specializes in cleaning all types of stone floors. Whether you have marble, slate, or granite flooring, it’s in good hands with us.

While you may mop your floors each day, it takes more to bring out the natural beauty of your stone. For example, travertine shines in the spotlight with a special coating. Marble requires pH neutral solutions to protect the finish. Other types of stone look best after polishing with diamond floor pads. You can trust us to pick the right cleaning technique for your company’s stone floors.

The Risk of DIY Cleaning

While cleaning floors may sound like a simple job, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Stone is a very porous material, and using the wrong chemicals may leave behind unrepairable damage. Protecting your company’s investment requires hiring a professional who knows the right way to care for all kinds of stone.

DNC Facility Services vows to use the right cleaning solution for your stone floors. We take a gentle yet thorough approach to protect your flooring. There is no fear of accidental damage when we’re on the job.

The Right Cleaning Company for Your Stone Floors

Maintaining the beauty of your stone floors is our number one priority at DNC Facility Services. You never have to worry about us rushing through the job or taking any shortcuts. Our proven cleaning process is the best in the industry, and our results speak for themselves.

Stone floors make a great first impression, and at DNC Facility Services, we know how to make your stone last for years to come.