Got Dirt? Our Dallas Janitorial Service Ticks All The Boxes

On the vast to-do list that attends running a business, dusting and sweeping and mopping the office probably don’t figure very high—not when you’ve got payroll and innovation and who knows what else to think about.

And yet what’s more important to a company’s image? First impressions count to that client or customer walking through the front door. And the environs they work in all day matter when it comes to an employee’s happiness and productivity.

But if you still think your after-hours could be better spent than on hands and knees scrubbing, you need a professional janitorial service. Let us make the case:

Goodbye germs

(Not) fun fact: Germs spread super quickly through office settings–within hours from a single source, according to researchers.

Your employees might (might!) keep their desks or personal areas tidy, but they’re probably not disinfecting those four places in the typical workplace most guilty of spreading germs: keyboards, conference rooms, break rooms, and stair railings. Door handles and elevator buttons also deserve special mention.

What’s the cost of sick employees staying home or, worse, coming to work to perform below par and infect others? To the U.S. economy, it’s $227 billion–with a B. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention breaks that down to about $1,685 per worker.

You can add even more to that figure when you factor in dust and other air-quality issues that can plague uncared-for workplaces, aggravating allergies and causing chronic conditions.

In other words, you may believe janitorial services to be beyond your budget, but you may be losing money by NOT hiring one.

Take care of what you already have

Furnishing a workplace is expensive. Office furniture alone is expected to be a $14 billion industry in the near future. That doesn’t even take into consideration things like carpets, window coverings, and kitchen set-ups.

Creating a work environment that is comfortable and efficient is a big financial investment, and it’s not easily changed without disrupting productivity. Why, then, wouldn’t you try to make it last as long as possible? And look good while it does so?

Janitorial companies live out that old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Take care of that carpet spill today and it won’t become a permanent, unsightly stain. Everyday scouring of sinks and surfaces fends off enduring discoloration.

And if you subscribe to that old broken-window theory, then you can expect your employees to show your property greater respect when they see you taking pains to keep it nice.

Speaking of employees

Common sense—and now academic studies—tell us physical work environments affect employee productivity and morale. The temperature, lighting, noise level, comfort of furniture and, yes, cleanliness can all drive how much or how little gets done, and how people feel about it.

The attractiveness of the place in which they’re asked to spend the bulk of their day can be considered a perk by your trained workforce—a reason to be excited about the company and its mission—or another encouragement to start sending out resumes.

Far from being frivolous, paying attention to how a space looks, feels and smells can help managers cut off problems in a multitude of areas, long before they touch the bottom line.

Dirt sends messages

Finally, you wouldn’t make a sales call in your Saturday-afternoon yard-work clothes, would you? You wouldn’t send out a business letter covered in penciled corrections. Why not?

Because it wouldn’t look professional. Who would believe you knew what you were talking about in a ripped-up, grass-stained t-shirt? Who would trust you with an important task when you couldn’t be trusted with a comma?

Yet companies do the equivalent every day when they invite customers and clients into workplaces full of dirt and debris. Smudged glass, gross bathrooms, dirty carpets—they’re all silent indicators you don’t have your act together.

No matter your industry, you’re also in public relations—for yourself. The ways you present your organization to the world communicate whether you’re a good outfit to do business with. A clean, well-kempt environment says yes—yes you are.

What’s next

Convinced? Then how do you find the right janitorial service for you?

It’s mostly common sense. What firms in your area come personally recommended or highly rated online? Can they provide you with references from current clients?

What’s the organization’s history, experience, and expertise?

Can their schedule accommodate yours?

Who will handle your account? Will they be easy to deal with? Will they listen to your needs and offer you exactly the service you need, no more and no less?

Will they supply their own cleaning equipment and supplies, and what are they? Are environmentally friendly products an option?

Here’s an important one: Ask about their certifications. Depending on what you need cleaned up, whether it’s carpeting or biohazards, their employees should be specially trained.

They should also be insured against accidents, injuries, damage to property, etc.

This is where we come in

DNC Facility Services is a Dallas, Texas, janitorial company with more than 35 years of experience, at work in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

We offer floor care, infection control, janitorial consumables like toilet paper and hand soap, construction cleanup—even holiday lighting. And we’ve handled workplaces as disparate as oil rigs and college campuses.

Yes, our workers come trained, background checked and insured, ready to meet your schedule and your individual needs. But we think our janitorial service is special for an additional reason.

In keeping with the values of our founder, Carla Holmes, we foster a family atmosphere and a culture of respect for those working at every level of our company. We believe in careful and ongoing training and in showing appreciation for our workers’ ideas and accomplishments.

As a result, in an industry with 300% turnover, half our employees have been with us for more than five years—and half of those more than 10.

Loyal employees, low turnover, growing expertise—it all translates to a janitorial company offering quality service at a reasonable price.

Find out if DNC Facility Services can help you clean up your act. Get an online quote,or call our office.