How to Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Facility

As a facility manager, you probably feel a lot of pressure to keep your Shreveport commercial property in its best condition. That’s a tall order though, considering all of your other responsibilities. So you outsource the job of cleaning and maintenance to the local commercial cleaning company and leave it to them to handle. This is a reasonable solution, but what happens if their janitorial services don’t meet your needs or expectations?

Don’t make the mistake of choosing just any commercial cleaning company. Like in all industries, some janitorial services are excellent and some disappointingly subpar. If you don’t do proper research into a commercial cleaner’s business practices, you may end up hiring the latter, and it could be a disaster for your facility and reputation. Protect yourself and your property from terrible janitorial services by looking for a company that can prove they know what they’re doing by meeting the following standards.

They make their people a top priority

You want to sign on a cleaning company that will do excellent work cleaning your building, but quality work begins with quality people. That means you need to find a cleaning company that makes hiring and retaining good employees a top priority. Don’t work with cleaners unless you know they do thorough background checks and screenings before hiring team members. Those employees will be going in and out of your property on a regular basis so you need to know that you can trust them.

You also need to be able to trust the company to treat their employees well. Employees who are not treated professionally will not act professionally. Companies who invest in extensive employee development and training understand this and can be counted on to provide quality work thanks to the support they give their staff. Don’t hire a company for janitorial services unless you know they train and compensate their employees appropriately. If they do not, it will show in the work their employees do for you, and you will quickly regret not screening them better yourself.

They’re fully insured

There’s no reason a business should be without adequate insurance, but many cleaning companies do try to take this shortcut. Don’t hire them if that’s the case. You don’t want to take any risks with liability or litigation if something happens at your site. A reliable commercial cleaning will always be fully insured to protect themselves and their clients in the event of a work accident. This kind of responsibility is exactly what you should look for in a commercial cleaner.

They do things right the first time

You don’t want just a good Shreveport janitorial service provider, you want the best! Don’t settle for less. Look for a commercial property cleaner who has established processes for all types of cleaning and understands best practices for creating a safe, healthy environment.

They should also be willing to work with you to identify your specific needs and plan to meet those for you. Finally, they should have a passion for excellent service. That means doing consistently superb work that leaves you satisfied every time.

Additionally, your janitorial services crew should always be on time, stay on task, be courteous, and finish at the appointed time without cutting corners or overlooking any special instructions. If you find you’re calling your janitorial services provider time and time again because they didn’t do a job quite right or perform their services in a professional manner, it’s time to look elsewhere.

They are CIMS certified

A quick way to identify a promising Shreveport commercial cleaning company is to ask if they’re CIMS-certified. This certification is awarded by the ISSA, one of the cleaning industry’s largest associations, to identify the best-accredited cleaning companies.

CIMS-certified companies must demonstrate the highest level of service and innovation in their work, so it’s a sure sign that a cleaning company knows what they’re doing. Always ask about accreditation before hiring a commercial cleaning service.

Looking for Shreveport Janitorial Services that Fit the Bill?

Don’t set yourself up for failure by signing a contract with a commercial cleaning company that doesn’t know what it’s doing or care about your needs and expectations. You’ll just be throwing away money with nothing to show for it. Do a little work up front asking about best practices to find the best cleaning company possible, and you will always have a great looking property and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for janitorial services Shreveport facility managers trust, look no further than DNC Facility Services. We’ve been providing full-service facility support solutions in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas for over 35 years. We know every facility manager’s goal is to keep your building clean and healthy while balancing the budget, and we help you do that.

We learned long ago that if we invested in hiring and training expert staff, we could offer the highest quality cleanings at affordable prices for our clients. That’s why we foster a culture of respect at DNC Facility Services, so we can retain the best employees and in turn provide the best janitorial services Shreveport and surrounding areas have seen. Employee retention also saves our business money, which means we can offer competitive prices to our clients and help your bottom line too.

Many times a low price means low quality. Not with DNC. We not only hire the best employees, we help them continue being the best. We provide every team member with comprehensive training over the course of two weeks, followed by cross-training in all the services we provide. We also stay up-to-date on industry innovations in technology, equipment, and cleaning products by attending the ISSA Interclean Convention and Trade Show each year so we can continually train employees on the latest cleaning methods.

What does all this mean for you? When you hire DNC Facility Services, you’re getting the top experts in commercial cleaning in Shreveport. We’re not just about being competitively priced, we also strive to be the best at what we do.

We work with you to determine your facility’s needs and the best strategy to meet your expectations. Then, we put that plan into action with our unmatched expertise and attention to detail to get your facility looking its best. We guarantee you will see the DNC difference when you hire us for your janitorial service needs.

Choosing the right janitorial services for your Shreveport facility can be tough, but DNC Facility Services makes it easy by being everything you need in a commercial cleaning company. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain your facility.