There are a few questions you should ask and get the answer to before hiring a cleaning services company. This is a list of most frequently asked questions we hear from new potential clients and the answers we are happy to pass on to you.

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Yes, we will always ensure you are happy with the cleaning services we provide. If you’re not, please just give us a call and we’ll make sure you are pleased with the quality of our work.

Yes, each and every one of our staff members are employees, so we have full background checks on all of them and provide you with insured and bonded team members. You can be confident that all of the individual who will be providing services on behalf of DNC will do so in the most professional manner with pride and dignity in their work.

Yes, each person on our staff is an employee and we provide worker’s compensation insurance for all of our employees.

No, you are not required to sign a long-term contract. In fact, you won’t sign anything. We will work with you off a written proposal that includes details on the services we will provide and the cost associated with each one. You can call at any time to make changes to your services or cancel completely.

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Yes, all of our employees and supervisors undergo on-going training utilizing the latest technology, equipment and cleaning solutions for all the various cleaning services we offer.

Janitorial Services

Professional janitorial services involve consistent and reliable cleaning to keep your facility looking and operating optimally. From floor maintenance and business sanitizing to clearing cobwebs from ceilings, janitors carry out the cleaning and maintenance tasks necessary to create a clean, tidy appearance for commercial spaces, including schools, medical offices, and industrial properties. Plus, they use solutions that kill viruses and bacteria to give your employees, customers, and visitors peace of mind.

The primary difference between janitorial and cleaning services is that janitorial includes the small, everyday tasks of keeping an office clean and tidy. In contrast, commercial cleaning includes larger, deep-cleaning duties that occur quarterly, twice each year, or even annually. For example, a janitorial service will handle daily vacuuming, and a cleaning service will perform periodical services like carpet cleaning and floor buffing.

Cleaning services as part of a comprehensive janitorial services package mean a professional janitorial crew will handle all necessary cleaning services on a set schedule. Owners and managers of office buildings, educational facilities, industrial and commercial properties, and more hire janitorial and cleaning services to keep their facilities clean and germ-free for customers and employees. Someone who performs cleaning services may have the title janitor, custodian, or cleaner.

Janitorial cleaning encompasses all tasks related to keeping a business or facility clean for customers, employees, and visitors. Cleaning tasks include regular vacuuming, dusting, emptying trash cans, and cleaning all commercial building areas, such as kitchens, reception areas, lobbies, and meeting rooms. Janitorial cleaning crews ensure your staff and public restrooms are clean and well-stocked with supplies and will be there to handle any cleaning needs or emergencies that arise. Whether you hire a janitor for a few hours a day or during all business hours, janitorial cleaning enables you to achieve a professional, tidy appearance for your company or organization.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning consists of both general and routine cleaning tasks that keep all surfaces in your business clean and sanitized. The services in commercial cleaning include floors, tiles, carpeting, walls, lighting, furniture, windows, kitchen areas, meeting rooms, lobbies and reception areas, restrooms, and more. Commercial cleaning crews use specialized equipment, cleaning solutions, and professional cleaning techniques to ensure the highest level of disinfection and cleanliness for your facility.

Janitorial cleaning involves everyday cleaning and maintenance tasks for your business, while commercial cleaning handles the more extensive, deep-cleaning projects. For example, a janitorial staff will perform daily jobs like vacuuming, emptying trash cans, and keeping the kitchens and restrooms clean and stocked. A commercial cleaning crew will be there on a set schedule you determine—monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly—to clean carpets, buff floors, wash windows, and sanitize surfaces.
Housekeeping services for hotels and commercial properties fall under the commercial cleaning umbrella. A housekeeper performs the tasks typical of janitorial services, such as daily cleaning and maintenance of floors, windows, and other surfaces. Housekeeping services also include general restroom cleaning, maintenance, and supply restocking.
Commercial cleaning is the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of a commercial space; it encompasses the services performed by a professional cleaning company that employs trained, specialized cleaners who use commercial cleaning equipment and solutions. In most cases, a business or organization hires a commercial cleaning company to meet its cleaning needs—both daily cleaning tasks and periodical deep cleaning tasks.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning includes a wide range of tasks, such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting and washing surfaces, and removing trash. A trained office cleaner will use specialized cleaning equipment and supplies to keep the office looking and feeling clean and tidy. One essential task of professional office cleaning is effectively disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in the office to kill germs and prevent the spread of illness.

To professionally clean an office, it’s essential to choose a qualified office cleaning company. The right team for the job will use specialized equipment and safe, effective cleaning solutions to sanitize and disinfect your entire office space, including meeting rooms, kitchen areas, restrooms, and lobbies. Our reliable office cleaners use advanced, eco-friendly solutions, equipment, and procedures to minimize the use of chemicals while improving your office’s indoor air quality.
A professional office cleaner will have a specific cleaning checklist to follow during each visit to your office. Tasks may include sweeping, mopping, and buffing floor surfaces, vacuuming carpets and rugs, dusting and wiping down surfaces, scrubbing and sanitizing kitchen and restroom areas, and taking out the trash.
Professional cleaning procedures include a list of duties an office cleaner will perform while at your facility. Each area of your office will have unique cleaning needs, which is why we customize our cleaning services and procedures to meet your goals for each space. We have daily and weekly cleaning procedures to give you the most comfortable, healthiest, safest working environment.

Day Porter Services

Day porter services involve having a person present in your commercial building to assist with daily cleaning and supply restocking duties. Lobby maintenance and restroom services are two of our most popular day porter services. You can hire a day porter for an entire office building, school district, church, bank, or retail location, or hire multiple day porters who are responsible for different areas in your facility.

Porter service is like a daytime janitorial service with bonus benefits. The porter will meet the janitorial needs you have but is typically responsible for a specific area of your facility and is dedicated to making that space look pristine and operate optimally. It is common to have a porter service for lobbies, restrooms, and cafeterias.

Day porter duties include tasks like keeping a space tidy, restocking restroom supplies, performing sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and addressing any other cleaning issues that arise during the daytime business hours. You can customize the duties included in your day porter service to meet the unique needs of your business.

While a porter is similar to a janitor, day porter services typically include specialized duties. For example, a day porter is there throughout business hours to ensure areas like lobbies, restrooms, and meeting areas remain tidy and clean. On the other hand, a janitor will typically perform a specific set of cleaning tasks after general working hours.