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Nacogdoches residents take pride in living in a beautiful and long-established city that values the state’s illustrious history. At DNC Facility Services, we know a little something about being around a long time. We’ve served Texas for more than three decades, helping commercial property owners and managers with our expert janitorial services.

We make your job easier by saving you time and money with facility cleaning done right every time. We have the expertise and equipment to tackle any job you throw at us and do it according to your schedule and personal preferences.

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How Our Janitorial Services Can Help Your Business in Nacogdoches, TX

There’s a dirty secret in the cleaning industry, and that’s high employee turnover. Traditionally, janitorial service companies have a hard time attracting and retaining good employees. That means they waste a lot of time and money on the hiring process, leading them to take those costs out of their clients. They also struggle to build teams of reliable professionals who can provide quality services to their clients. In the end, clients overpay for subpar work and regret lost time and money.

DNC Facility Services, on the other hand, has developed a winning formula for giving our clients top-notch, affordable service every time. It begins with our comprehensive hiring process. We perform thorough background checks to find employees who are the perfect fit, then provide a minimum of two weeks’ training to ensure they’re up for the job.

But we don’t stop there! Every employee continues to receive cross training opportunities and other competitive benefits so we earn our employees’ loyalty and help them become highly trained professionals.

We know that all of this work pays off, because we’re one of the few janitorial services who can say that most of our employees have been with us for more than five years now. But what does that mean for our clients?

It means when you hire DNC Facility Services, you get a team of experienced facility cleaning experts who have proven they have the knowledge and eye for quality necessary to meet your exacting standards and unique needs every time. Best of all, you get high quality service for an exceptional price because we run our business in a way that gives our clients the best value possible. We call this the DNC Difference, and it’s what makes us a popular choice among Nacogdoches facilities.

DNC Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaning in Nacogdoches Texas

DNC Facility Services has been providing janitorial services for 34+ years, which includes nightly janitorial cleaning, carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing floors, and restocking restroom supplies and trash can liners. Our clients love that we are their go-to source for all of their commercial cleaning services.

We service a wide variety of businesses and buildings, including all types of office buildings, school campuses,car dealerships, banks, power plants, industrial sites, oil rigs, admin offices, city buildings, municipal buildings, and more. Our janitorial and maid services even extend to construction crew living quarters on drilling, production, and completion sites.

Because we offer so many services for different facilities, our list of loyal clients continues to grow. This is just a small sample of our satisfied customers whom we continue to enjoy serving:

Commercial Cleaning Services Nacogdoches Trusts

Our clients in Nacogdoches trust us with their commercial properties because they love our variety of services and know we give them the results they want every time at a fair price. We also back up all of our janitorial services with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever displeased with our work, give us a call and we’ll come right back and fix it. Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

Nacogdoches is proud to be the oldest town in Texas. It’s one of the state’s biggest tourist destinations for visitors wanting to get a close look at Texas history. The town’s dedication to preserving historical buildings and sites for future generations is not unlike the care taken by the town’s facility managers in maintaining the cleanliness of their commercial buildings.

With so many out-of-town visitors, it’s important to Nacogdoches residents that their businesses look their best at all times, and they aren’t afraid to get a little help from the experts.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy janitorial cleaning service who understands what it takes to stay in business for the long haul and make your mark in your community with a clean and attractive property, contact DNC Facility Services and request a quote today. We are happy to help any way we can.

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