10 Office Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips From the Pros

Do you realize the many ways an office cleaning and disinfecting service can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 in your workplace? There’s a right and wrong way to eliminate harmful pathogens in an office, and janitors know them all. With the coronavirus still spreading at record rates, every little bit helps.

Although you learned how to clean your room as a child, your techniques may not be very effective at killing viruses. Your parents probably only cared if you put away your toys and ran a vacuum. Keeping an office free of germs, however, requires a bit more thought and skill. And without the right techniques, your cleaning job may end up doing more harm than good.

Here are the top tricks commercial office cleaning services use to keep their clients’ workplaces safe from a viral outbreak:

Cross-Contamination Is a Real Problem

Most people know not to cut vegetables with the same knife they used to slice raw chicken. What you may not realize, however, is how common cross-contamination is in office environments. Pathogens spread invisibly, and that makes catching contaminated surfaces difficult. But understanding how cross-contamination happens can help you prevent it in the first place.

People in an office touch common objects and stroll across shared spaces. If you come in contact with a contaminated item, you may unknowingly pick up a few germs and transport them to another location. For example, if you move someone’s mug in the break room to access the coffee machine, you’ll get germs on your hands. And there is a chance one of those germs is a harmful virus.

Now imagine you don’t wash your hands and head to your coworker’s desk. You pick up the phone to make a call. Well, you just contaminated the receiver. Your coworker answers a call a few minutes later and gets the germs on their hands. As you can see, cross-contamination happens fast and without warning.

How can you avoid cross-contamination? While you can’t live in a bubble, you can limit how many germs you pick up and transport each day. You should remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds after handling objects. If soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer is the next best option. And always change out of your dirty work clothes and shoes when you get home for the day. Office cleaners prevent cross-contamination by wearing disposable gloves and protective footwear.

Anti-Virus Software Doesn’t Stop the Coronavirus

There’s probably tons of technology around your office. Look around and count how many computers, phones, projectors, copiers, and fax machines you see. Now imagine how much you and your coworkers touch those items each day. Are you grossed out yet?

High-touch electronics are a magnet for germs. But many people forget to disinfect these items throughout the day. You may not even realize that you can. After all, that guy from the IT department always warned you to keep your electronics dry and away from moisture.

However, office cleaning companies know the importance of disinfecting electronics. And all you need is a few alcohol wipes to do it. Use a soft cloth to remove any visible dirt; then dampen the device with the wipe. The alcohol will kill any germs and evaporate quickly.

Color-Coding Isn’t Just for Kids

Did you just wipe down your desk with the same rag you used in the break room? Maybe you don’t even know because all of your cleaning supplies look alike. If you want to prevent this from happening, consider color-coding your cleaning and disinfecting cloths. Perhaps you’ll designate blue towels for your workstation, yellow ones for the break room, and red rags for the bathroom. Store all your supplies in containers of the same color and label their purpose. Most business janitorial services use similar organizational methods.

Disinfecting Is a One-Way Street

When you wipe off surfaces, do you pay any attention to the direction you go? The best business cleaning services do. If you wipe down and then go back over the same spot in an upward motion, you’ll end up redepositing the germs. Instead, always clean and disinfect in a single direction. This rule applies to all surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, furniture, and keyboards.

Pay Attention to the Ground

Did you know you should also disinfect the floors? Many people overlook the office floors. However, there are germs all over the tile, hardwood, laminate, or carpet. That’s because aerosols and droplets fall to the ground. And with each step you take, you could transfer harmful viruses to other areas of the office.

There are three things you need to disinfect floors: effective detergents, tools, and techniques. Office carpet cleaning isn’t always easy, and you need proper training to do it right. That’s why it’s best to hire a pro to kill any germs lurking in the fibers.

Not All Chemicals Are Equal

All cleaning products claim to kill bacteria and viruses, but that doesn’t mean they are the best choice for all pathogens. COVID-19 is a new virus. Scientists keep learning more about this strange virus with every passing day. And one thing they do know is that not all disinfecting products effectively kill this virus.

Office cleaning services rely on proven chemicals. EPA-approved disinfectants are the only ones you should use to disinfect your workplace. Products with this designation have undergone rigorous testing. Anything else you buy may not kill the virus, and it could put your workers at risk of becoming infected.

Toss Those Gloves in the Trash

Gloves provide wearers with a false sense of protection. Yes, they do keep germs off your hands, but pathogens can still contaminate your gloves. To prevent cross-contamination, you should throw away your dirty gloves in a trash bin after every use. Remember to change gloves when switching to another task, and always wash your hands when you finish cleaning your office.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Cleaning office buildings involves more than removing dirt and disinfecting hard surfaces. You should also consider the air. How well does the air circulate in your office? Since the coronavirus is airborne, you want to make sure you get enough fresh air. While cleaning the office, consider opening a window or two. Avoid fans, however, as they may blow germs back onto your clean surfaces.

Prioritize Your Cleaning List

Commercial office cleaning takes time, skill, and patience. It’s not a project you can rush. However, there are zones in every office that are more critical than others. A private, rarely used room, for instance, isn’t as likely to pose a risk as a high-traffic area. Make sure you designate enough time to disinfect the reception area, any communal spaces, and the bathrooms. You’ll want to wipe down these areas several times each day. Cleaning offices at night is the best time to worry about disinfecting the rest of your workspace.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

As long as the coronavirus is still a threat, you can’t stop cleaning. Viruses never stop moving, and neither should you. Proactive disinfecting is a proven way to help prevent an outbreak. Consider setting timers to remind yourself to wash your hands. Make it a habit to open doors with your foot. Flip on light switches with your elbow instead of your fingers. Keep disinfecting wipes handy to kill germs on high-touch surfaces. In addition, you should also hire a professional office cleaning company. Staying on high alert is one of the best ways to keep your workplace clean and free of dangerous germs.

Let the Pros Put These Tips to Use in Your Office

A clean office is more than dirt-free; it’s also germ-free. DNC Facility Services has the experience, training, and know-how to eliminate harmful germs from your office. We are serious about office disinfecting. Our team members will clean and disinfect your workplace from top to bottom, giving you the peace of mind you desire. Get in touch with us to book an office cleaning and disinfecting service with the best team in town.