5 Things You’re Not Considering When It Comes to School Cleanliness

As the facilities manager of a school or school district, the cleanliness of the school is high on your list of priorities. It is one of the biggest areas your staff tackles on a day to day basis, which may sometimes feel overwhelming or become so routine that you or your staff become complacent, with a routine that may become stale and whether you realize it or not, may be missing some key areas.

With this in mind, we thought we would take some time to talk about some things you may not be considering when it comes to school cleanliness and share some cleanliness in school information. We’ve included a helpful school cleaning checklist and some considerations on why you may want to bring in a facility services contractor:

1 – Clean Schools are Healthier Schools

Even in Texas, we still have a solid cold and flu season. Having so many people in an enclosed space – many of whom might not keep their hands or germs to themselves – is already going to mean viruses being shared. In fact, about 60% of parents are deeply concerned about the germs their kids are exposed to at school, and half of working parents say they send their kids with a packed lunch due to concerns of cleanliness in the school kitchen.

Keeping your school campus clean, and following a deep cleaning routine over break periods like summer break, spring break, and winter holidays, can keep kids, teachers, and support staff healthier. Attendanceworks.org, an organization dedicated to helping advance student success by reducing chronic school absence, has a significant collection of studies regarding health and wellness in schools, how school cleanliness can affect health. Read some of their studies by following this link.

2 – Clean Schools Cost Less To Operate

Even in the most well-funded school districts, budgets are always a concern. Many districts tend to put regular maintenance tasks on the back burner in the name of saving money in the current fiscal year. This, unfortunately, can be a big mistake. In fact, deferring maintenance can cause more problems and can cost more money than following a schedule for regular maintenance, and yes, potentially hiring out to have that maintenance covered.

For instance, proper maintenance of HVAC systems can not only save money, but increase classroom attendance numbers. Following a detailed school maintenance schedule that includes all areas of the facility, from classroom basics like desks and floors to electrical systems and HVAC checkups can save the school a great deal on unplanned replacements of anything from lighting ballasts to full air conditioning units.

3 – A Clean School Contributes To School Pride And A Sense Of A Caring Environment

Students, teachers, staff, and parents all place a high value on a clean school campus, and also gain a sense of a caring environment when the facility is well maintained. A clean school sends the message that the administration cares about the well being of all of those that enter. This sense of caring, this feeling of a clean environment to work and learn in contributes greatly to school pride. After all, what child would be proud and respectful of their school with constant toilet clogs, dusty classrooms, and weird smells in the hallways?

4 – Clean Schools Allow Students To Focus Easier

Chaos begets chaos – a school with dirty floors, dust bunnies floating, scuffed walls, overflowing trash cans, and gross bathrooms create an environment that is distracting. The extra visual clutter and negative sensory input that a child receives in a less than sparkling space can be detrimental to their learning. A clean, fresh smelling, visually appealing space with no odd noises from clanging pipes or rattling air conditioners is a far better place for learning to take place.

5 – Many School Systems Are Maintained By Contracted Facilities Management Companies

Cleaning and maintenance don’t always have to fall under in-house operations. Many times, hiring a third party to come in and cover all of the facilities cleaning and maintenance, inside and out, can save a school system money. Having a contracted staff that works from an established school cleaning checklist and school maintenance schedule can save time, money, and stress.

In fact, several local school systems have made the choice to divert their facilities services to companies like DNC Facility Services. School systems like Hillsboro Independent School District serving Hillsboro, TX students,  Garrison Independent School District serving Garrison, TX students, and Center Independent School District serving Center, TX students, all rely on DNC Facility Services for their school systems janitorial and general facilities needs.

Whether you are operating a preschool, private elementary and middle school, a city-wide school district, or even a higher education facility, you can meet the demands of cleanliness in your school and well-maintained campuses by hiring a facility services company like DNC Facility Services. With over half of our employees boasting 5 years with DNC, and  half of those having been with us for over 10 years, you can rest assured you have well-experienced, well-trained individuals working within your school.

You will have peace of mind knowing that these folks not only have the know-how to keep your buildings in top shape, but also the reliability and trustworthiness that is ever important in today’s school environments. Our technicians receive on the job training with regular continuing education requirements, keeping them up to date on the latest techniques, tools, and standards needed to be the best around.

Ready to create a cleaner, more focused, healthier environment for your school or school district, all while keeping the budget office happy with fewer repairs? Connect with us at DNC Facility Services today for your free, no-obligation estimate for our services. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our online estimate form and may save you hours of stress.