What Should You Expect From Your School Cleaning Company?

Schools and colleges have a responsibility to provide their students with learning experiences in a safe environment. They also need to maintain their facilities to impress stakeholders and prospective students while staying within budget.

If you’re like most College Station school facility managers, it’s a tough balance prioritizing your school’s appearance, sanitation, and funds. It often feels that you can only pick one or two.

However, with the right school cleaning services, you shouldn’t have to choose. If past school cleaning companies have led you to expect little return for your money, you’ve simply been hiring the wrong people.

With an experienced school cleaning company, you can meet all of your school’s cleaning needs and get the best value for your money. You hold your students to high expectations. Why not do the same for your school cleaning services? Here is what you should expect from anyone you hire to clean your school campus facilities.

They should have a plan

Whether you’re looking for someone to clean a private school building or an entire campus like Panola College, they must have a plan for doing so. Having a plan ensures they consistently complete all of the tasks you require and keeps both of you on the same page.

However, they should also understand that cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all job. Every school is different. You should expect a good school cleaning company to work with you to understand your facility’s cleaning needs and challenges and devise a unique plan for you.

They should also be flexible enough to tailor that plan to accommodate changes in your needs. The only way to get the best cleaning possible for your school is to work with a provider who will create and follow a customized cleaning plan for you.

They should have experience cleaning schools

Your school wouldn’t hire an inexperienced teacher or administrator, so why hire inexperienced cleaners? If you want to get the most out of your school cleaning services, hire someone who can prove they have successfully cleaned College Station school facilities before.

Someone with school cleaning experience will understand the difference between educational campuses and other commercial buildings. They will anticipate the importance of school security and ensure only trustworthy individuals are performing your cleaning.

They will work around your class schedule and be prepared to clean the multiple kinds of rooms and spaces that schools contain.

It may be helpful to ask what other College Station schools a company cleans so you can see the quality of their work. For example, HillsboroGarrison, and Center Independent School Districts all use the services of DNC Facility Services and would be excellent samples of our school cleaning services.

They should understand sanitation and infection control

Did you know nearly 60 million school days are lost across the US due to colds and the flu each year? With so many people in one place, it’s no wonder schools become cesspools for germs and bacteria. When students and staff contract an illness at your school, they lose valuable learning opportunities, and your school absorbs the cost of lost time and resources.

You can dramatically reduce the number of sick days from your school with the help of an experienced College Station school cleaning company that understands that sanitation and infection control are just as important as how your building looks.

Good infection control services will eliminate much of the indoor bacteria, viruses, molds, and allergens that make people sick by effectively cleaning and sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces and materials where germs love to hide.

Everyone learns and works better in a healthy environment. Give your students and staff their best chance for success with comprehensive school cleaning services.

They should use the right supplies and equipment

Cleaning may seem to be a straightforward job, but it can go badly if the wrong supplies are used. Unfortunately, many commercial cleaners opt for equipment that makes doing the job cheaper or faster for them while giving clients subpar results.

Worse yet, some amateur cleaners use techniques and chemicals that damage surfaces in the process of cleaning them.

Your school deserves better. Only consider school cleaning companies that stress the importance of using proper equipment and solutions. For the best results, ask if they implement green cleaning in their services.

This includes using eco-friendly products and special training. Green cleaning is safer for both your building and the people in it.

They should offer schools great value

School budgets are a hot topic in most communities. Put taxpayer dollars and tuition to good use by getting the most value out of your school cleaning services. That doesn’t necessarily mean hiring the cheapest services.

You usually get what you pay for when it comes to commercial cleaning. Instead, hire a school cleaner who gives you the most for your money. When they take care of your school right, you can actually save money on sick days and wear and tear on your building.

How do you know you’re getting the best deal? Ask for estimates and a full list of services to see who will do the most for your College Station school at a fair price.

What do you expect from your College Station school cleaning services?

Your College Station students expect a high-quality education in a healthy environment. You too should expect high quality from your school cleaner. The right cleaning company will make your campus consistently attractive and safe.

They should also make your job as a facility manager easy by offering competitive rates and dependable service. Don’t short change your school by hiring cheap but ineffective cleaning services. Give your community a school to be proud of by using a school cleaning company that knows what they’re doing.

Looking for a cleaning company you can expect great things from? DNC Facility Services’ deep cleaning services for schools will give you a beautiful, healthy campus you can feel confident in. We have made life easier for facility managers in College Station for 34+ years with our dependability and superior value.

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